@Baton Rouge


Group orders are great for office lunches!  An invitation email is sent to friends or co-workers inviting them to add to your order.  You can even choose to treat them to lunch!  Each patron decides exactly what they want, pays for their order with their own credit card, and all orders are grouped together for one easy pickup, delivery or dine-in experience.

Here is how it works:
1. Simply click 'start a group order' and place your order as normal. 
2. At the confirmation screen, enter the email addresses of friends that you would like to invite to add to your order. 
3. An email invite is then sent to your friends linking them to your restaurant menu, allowing them to place their own order.  Their order is then grouped with your order.
4. Once the order window closes, you will receive a 2nd confirmation email detailing who has added to your order.
5. Done!  Now, send someone to pickup a takeout order, sit tight for a delivery order, or get together and dine in at the restaurant for a VIP Dine-In order.