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"Restaurant of the Day" – COMMON QUESTIONS

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No, there is never any cost to the employer. The only cost is the food plus a small order-processing fee (between .50 -.99 cents per order depending on your city) paid by those that chose to order each day.

No, there is no contract of any kind needed from your employer. This is a completely optional daily lunch service. Those that want to order each day do so on their own accord. It simply provides the entire staff with one additional lunch option without leaving work.

90% of our participating restaurants offer their food at regular menu price. However we do have a few from time to time due to very small margins on their food that must mark up some of their menu items (never more than 10%) in order to make it feasible for them to participate. Our goal is to offer our customers great variety and let them decide if they wish to order.

No, our restaurant schedule updates each day Monday through Thursday at 12pm and also on Sunday at 12pm. This way you can order anytime from 12pm the previous day up until the order cutoff time on the day of delivery. Order cutoff times vary from 9am to 10am depending on your work place. Your specific order cutoff time is listed in your daily restaurant announcement email and also displayed at the top of your daily menu. All of our restaurant vendors prepare the food fresh each morning before it is delivered to you at work. Lunch delivery times vary from 11:30am to 12:15pm.

Each time you place an order via Major Menus you will receive an order confirmation email with details of that order. Should you have any issues with your food simply respond to this email with the specifics of your issue and one of our customer service personnel will respond within minutes. We will do all that is possible to solve your problem. When necessary we will process the appropriate refund to refund to your credit card.

Absolutely. We have taken every precaution to make sure all of your online transactions are secure. Our Internet site is built on a system, which utilizes industry-standard security measures. With SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) all account information submitted to us is safely isolated from unauthorized Internet access.